We’ve got fitness all wrong. It isn’t just about physical activity or getting a six-pack. My mission transcends beyond weight lifting and weight loss. My life’s journey is to help families all over the world create lasting changeto finally stop starting over.

Everyone cognitively understands that eating well and exercising often is what we need to do. The problem is, we don’t always want to do it. Google “how to be healthy” and over 400 million results pop up. We aren’t missing the strategy — we are lacking the purpose. We are missing an enchanting reason to look beyond today, tomorrow, and next year to create an internal resolve that rises above all obstacles.

Despite there being a fitness studio on every corner and new diet trends popping up left and right, our society is more overweight than ever. Unknowingly, the fitness industry is grossly failing us. We’re clearly doing something wrong. Children today are the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents — as a father of two, I’m overwhelmingly compelled to create create lasting change one family at a time.

Fitness is more than working out. It’s an integration of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing that stand on a foundation of strong psychological principles. When you find a purpose greater than just looking good (and it’s okay to want that too), you’ll never have to start over again.