Kickstart Change with Devan Kline | Focus Meeting #1

At Burn Boot Camp, a focus meeting is a a chance to sit down with the trainer and talk through obstacles to create a plan to reach that next level.  Today, you and I are going to have our first focus meeting. To begin, we're going to talk about the foundation of a focus meeting, and build onto that.

First, you need to understand that being selfish by taking care of yourself is the most selfless thing you can do. You can't take care of the people around you if you are lacking energy or vitality. It's not selfish to workout for 45 minutes; it's selfish to take a 45-minute nap.

What It Really Takes To Be Successful

The how-to's to create a breakthrough are important, but what I want to focus on is the psychology behind it. I have a philosophy that success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. When it comes to losing weight, you don't need to overcomplicate it. It's about eating healthy foods in a controlled manor and moving your body.

You don't need to become a registered dietician or a doctor to lose weight. The strategies are simple. Our defense mechanism against facing fear is making it so complex for yourself that you don't take action. Complexity is the enemy of execution. If you want to make a shift in your life, make it simple.

There are three things that we are deciding on every single day. The first one is, what do I focus on? Where your focus goes, energy will flow. The second one is, what does that focus mean? How do I interpret that focus? For example, if I get cut off on the highway and focus on anger is that it means I'm gonna flip the guy off and slam on breaks. But, if your focus is just getting through traffic to get home to your kids, that person cutting you off means nothing. The third thing is, what am I going to do about that focus?

Ask Yourself Better Questions

When you ask better questions, you are going to receive better answers. If you're so focused on losing the weight but keep asking yourself why am I not losing the weight, your focus is on your problem, not the solution. When you say "why am I not losing the weight? I've tried everything," I'm going to ask you if you really have tried everything. You've tried all 2.5 million strategies on Google? When you only tell me 2 things that you have tried these things over and over getting no results, you have to make a change. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity.

If you ask yourself "Why me?" you're going to come up with these things that you convince yourself of. You're not speaking to yourself the right way. The implicit conversations in your head are the most important things. That's where your energy is flowing. Instead, ask yourself "what strategies have I tried to lose weight and what strategies have I not tried but can try?" Questions are the answer.

What, Why & How

Why you are doing what you are doing doesn't matter until you establish what it is you want. What do you want the outcome of your life to be? Take 10 minutes to really dive deep and write this down. The next step is asking yourself why you want to get there? I'm not talking about a superficial goal. I'm talking about what's in your heart. If you don't understand your outcome and your purpose, you won't have those meaningful conversation with yourself.

The last question you need to ask yourself is how am I going to make this happen? You need someone or something that is going to help you to reach that goal. That's when your trainer comes in, that's when discipline comes in.

Get To Know Your Nutrition: Core Plan

My core plan is going to give you an easy way to understand your nutrition because that's a key part of a focus meeting. Remember your questions from above and remind yourself of these as you continue to work through your goals. The core plan is for you if you're just struggling with nutrition and cannot figure it out.

If you want to lose weight, take your body weight x 10. That is going to equal the amount of calories you intake everyday. The second is your protein intake. Your goal is 100 grams today! Finally, you need to focus on your sugar intake. It isn't fat that makes us fat, or sugar. It's acidity. And sugar does have a lot of it. So, focus on eating less than 50 grams of sugar a day. That's it. Keep it simple because complexity is the enemy.

If you want to gain weight, take your body weight x 10 and add 500! That's the calories you need to eat per day while sticking to the same guidelines.

Get To Know Your Nutrition: Core+ Plan

The core+ plan is coming for you once you prove that you can master the core plan. The first step is body weight x 10 to lose weight and body weight x 10 + 500 to gain weight. The next step is mastering your macronutrients. Macronutrients make up a calorie. If you intake more calories than you're expending, you're going to gain weight. You will remain at the same body composition and weight if you expend the same amount of calories as you eat. Lastly, if you intake less calories than what you expend, you're going to lose weight. It's that simple!

The three important macronutrients are fats, carbohydrates and proteins. In the core+ plan, 45% of the calories are from protein, 35% are from carbohydrates and 20% are from fat. The last thing to focus on in the core+ plan is less than 30 grams of sugar! It really is just 3 simple guidelines.

In a focus meeting, there isn't judgement. I'm not going to ask you bad questions because I want to help you and better questions get better answers. To finish off your focus meeting, I want you to download MyFitnessPal app or LoseIt! app and log everything you eat.

What are you waiting for? Let's do this!

3 Steps To Empowering Your Inner Voice

Your inner voice is a dynamic in our lives that’s really fascinating to me. We talk to ourselves through have internal conversations 10x's more than anyone else in our lives combined. Think about it: everyday that voice inside your head is talking to you more than anyone else, are you paying attention to what it's saying? The conversation between your ears is extremely important and you have to take it seriously. 

Any given person has roughly 60,000 thoughts that goes through our head everyday, and a majority of them are negative thoughts. That does not mean that you are the only person in the world with negative thoughts, so don't beat yourself up. My mentor, Tony Robbins, says it’s THE brain vs. YOUR brain. In other words, there are the thoughts everyone shares versus the thoughts specific to you and your life. You should never pay attention to the brain’s negative thoughts because everyone else has these same thoughts. Thoughts like “I don’t know if I’m: good enough, pretty enough or smart enough,” we think are our own thoughts, but they aren’t. 

1. Find Your Inner Voice

You have to find your inner voice. You have to separate those general negative thoughts from your own thoughts and pay close attention to the positive thoughts. But, it's important that you don’t neglect the negative thoughts. Take that thought of “I’m not good enough” and question why you are thinking that way. Chances are, somebody told you your whole life that you couldn't start that business or that you were too fat to ever be an athlete. Ask yourself who told you that, and if it was their shortcomings being projected onto you or actually your shortcomings?

Did they place their limiting beliefs on you because they were at a bad time in their lives, therefore you grew up preconditioned to think you weren't good enough? I’m here to tell you it’s not true. That's how you find your inner voice and start to change those thoughts.

2. Redefine Negative Thoughts

You can redefine the meaning of those experiences and those ideas. You don’t have to be prisoner to your negative thoughts or to the negative thoughts that everyone has. Listen to the positive thoughts, own them, absorb them and make them part of your identity. But, for the negative thoughts, don’t shun them and ignore them. Deflection isn’t healthy. Instead, you have to take the negative thoughts, flip them on their head and recreate the meaning of that thought. You can turn the negative thought into a positive force that drives you.

Whether I’m the positive voice in your head, or you have your own positive voice, pay attention to that conversation in your head. What type of language are using to yourself? How are you speaking to your goals and your life? Just because you don’t say it out loud, doesn’t mean you aren't submitting yourself to those thought patterns. It's your chance to redefine what you've been believing about yourself. 

3. Practice Positivity

What is one way you can separate positive thoughts from negative thoughts? First, I want you to catch that negative thought and write it down. For example, if the thought is “I’m not beautiful” then write it down and ask yourself why you are thinking that way. Why did that thought come through? Then ask yourself, how can you feel beautiful all the time? The next thing you need to do is write “I am beautiful” 30-50 times over and over to cement that positivity into your brain. Pull the thought out of your head and put it on paper. The way you frame the question will give you a better answer. Once you write it over and over, it will allow you to believe it yourself. That’s what an affirmation is, and that's why this strategy works.

You are already beautiful, are already worth it, and are already enough. You have what it takes. Furthermore, you are already strong and confident, but you are talking yourself out of it. You’re giving the negative thoughts power. You’re stealing the negative thoughts everyone has and making them yours. I'm telling you that you don’t need to do that. You just have to fix the conversation in between your ears.

My 4 Best Strategies To Take Control of Your Happiness

It's not about physical fitness. It's about the emotional fitness and the mental fitness. In this industry, many people choose just to focus on just the physical aspect, when in actuality, that's never going to make you happy. You have to develop your happiness through your confidence and self-esteem; the battleground lives between your ears.

When it comes to taking control of your happiness, it's important to make the necessary changes that will project you on the positive path forward. Start implementing my best advice for controlling your happiness, and start to see the change in your life.

1. Listen To Yourself Above Others

It's not about working out, a six-pack or squats. It's about feeling good and self-esteem. The problem with the word self-esteem is that we have let other people determine how we feel. With social media especially, we are influenced by other people's opinions, standards and lifestyle. When you get to a point where you can manifest physical discipline, what happens is that it pours over into all other types of discipline such as entrepreneurship, family, fitness, mental health and so much more.

We have to stop letting people and who they think we are control us. The belief that we have ourselves is a thousand times stronger than the belief that we belong to someone else. The people who try to inflict their views upon you are dealing with their own lack of self-esteem. Create a forcefield around yourself and begin to feel happy about where you are today.

2. Stop Saying "If I do [this one thing] then I'll be happy"

I hate when people say "If I do this one thing then I'll be happy," or "If I have this then I'll be happy." What are you waiting for? We have to be happy today. Want to hear the truth? We're all going to die, so really, what are you waiting for? The billionaires, the Steve Jobs, whoever your idol is - at the end of the day, they're going to be right next to you.

Leaders create leaders. When you share this message with even just two other people, you start to change the environment around you and the world. You have two choices: to be a leader or a follower. Which one will you be?

3. Combat the Negativity Around You

There is so much negativity around us. The physical element of fitness and dedicating yourself to your health creates discipline. You start to change and inspire people around you because you refuse to give into the negative world. Be strong, because you never know who you are inspiring. The most incredible feeling in the world is when someone comes up and says "you inspire me."

When you start to share the message of positivity, kindness and  humility, your life will start to change very fast. If there is any element of unhappiness in your life, it's stemming from a lack of connection, which always leads to a feeling of loss of love. You have the control to take control. There is no one else to point the finger at in your life than you. So, love yourself and take control.

4. Visualize, Visualize, and Visualize More

Ask yourself this question and visualize the answer, if I had to live one day of my life with no consequences and no limitations, what would that day look like? Who would you spend that day with? What would you do for work? Where would you live? What would you wear? How would you look and feel?

Once you answer that question, commit to living everyday a little closer to that vision. When you set a goal that sets you on fire, you don't get distracted with the little frustrations anymore and begin to encompass absolute positivity.

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How To Make An Impact With These 7 Steps

One of my major philosophies in life is to always do a little bit more than you had planned. If you have a schedule to work 12 hours in a day, work 30 minutes longer. If you're in the gym and you plan to do 15 push-ups, do 16 push-ups. When you force multiply all these "small" wins, you're going to be able to out-work your competitors and yourself. You'll get into the habit of discipline and experiencing success.

The standards, discipline, attitude, effort and even the dreams that you have as a professional reflect who you are. What often happens is that people want to stand by the fireplace and magically turn on the fire without going through the process of chopping wood. Sometimes you might chop the wood too big or might get the wrong gasoline and the fire won't start, but what happens next? You have to try a different strategy. If your goal is to build the most beautiful fire, then the process matters.

1. Use Failure As Motivation

You can't just stand there and say "I'm going to build the biggest fire," without actually taking action. That's the difference between an entrepreneur and a want-reprenuer. One of them actually takes action to make their dreams happen, while the other simply wants to achieve a dream without putting in the effort. The want-repreneur is the same person that tries something one time and gives up because of failure. The people who reach their goals and dreams use failure to motivate them to keep trying harder. I'm here to tell you that you are only one failure away from the breakthrough.

2. Take Massive Action

Once you decide to take action, reverse engineer your dreams. Whatever you want to achieve in your life, you have to put in the work. You have to go out there, ax the tree, chop the wood and load it into your fireplace before you can even light the fire. There are no shortcuts. There can't be an internal conflict where you allow your behaviors and thoughts contradict your goals. If there's an internal conflict where you want to change the world, but you can't even change yourself... there's a lack of integrity. Take massive action within yourself and see the world change around you.

3. Maintain Your Integrity

Integrity is doing what you say you're going to do when you say you're going to do it. Having integrity allows you to be a better person, a better leader, a better friend and a better family member. In order to grow, there's a need to ask yourself how you can get better every day. Sometimes, you have to let go of your ego and ask for help. It's about adjusting as you get closer and closer to perfection. Not every day will be easy, but when you maintain integrity, you follow through with the promises you make to yourself and to other people.

4. Have A Positive Attitude

There are two things you can control on a daily basis: your attitude and your effort. If you have a great attitude every single day, you will get everything you want in your life. If you are humble, kind and hard-working, you will achieve what you want to achieve. Lead by example and everything will fall into place. The greatest leaders in the world wake up every day excited to crush their goals and spread positive energy. Make it your mission to leave an impact through your attitude and effort every day of your life no matter what.

5. Do The Extra Rep In Life

When I get to end of my workout, I always add one extra rep. And, it's not easy! The motto is finish stronger than you started. One of the strongest forces in human psychology and behavior is the need, and even obsession subconsciously, for our behaviors to stay consistent with how we define ourselves.

Think of your identity as a temperature gauge. Whatever your figurative temperature may be, you will always find a way to stay at that temperature that you identify with. You could be at 200 degrees and always taking risks, or you could be at 50 degrees and always falling short. The problem with our lives is that many of us set our temperature way too low. This means somewhere along the way, you started lowering your standards. People started telling you that you weren't good enough, and in response, you conditioned your mind to believe it.

For example, you wake up everyday at 65 degrees, but you decide to start exercising and working towards those goals and working towards your dream. You start feeling good and confident, and your temperature goes to 75 degrees! But, then you start getting out of alignment with the identity that has been created for you by other people and you start to cool down.

"I've been doing good this, I can have these cheat meals." Does this sound familiar? One day lasts for 3 weeks and you're back at your original temperature. You have to change your temperature and redefine what that temperature is. When you start to change that temperature, your body will start heating up, and you will feel in alignment with that.

6. Believe In Your Potential

The positive way that this cycle works is that you become so driven because of the things that have happened in your life. You start to take the things people have said to you and use it as motivation to fuel your fire. Then, you turn your temperature up all the way to 200 degrees and you go. You don't feel in alignment because you start at 72 degrees, but you have the ability to change the world. What we don't realize is that we need the patience to set our temperature higher and higher. It will take dedication, effort, sacrifice and eventually you will reach these temperature milestones. You start inspiring the people around you.

About 96% of businesses in America fail because people get fed up with the way they look and feel. They want their standards to be higher, but their behaviors don't correlate. People stop because that jump from 72 degrees to 200 degrees takes time.

7. Ask Yourself These Questions:

So, where's your temperature? Are you going through life at default?


Are you going to take the time to redefine what your identity is?

You already have the motivation inside of you. You don't need to be motivated. Some of you just haven't tapped into that motivation within yourselves yet. I'm here to help you pull that motivation out. People who try to do things for you will not help you address the root cause of what is holding you back. It's time for you to make an impact.

For More Motivation, Check Out My Podcast!

Optimize Your Schedule For Success

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to master your schedule. As we start fresh in this New Year, there are exercises you can use to help you find your purpose that will also allow you to create the perfect schedule for you.

Five Exercises For Success

  1. Time Bucket: There are 168 hours in a week. How are you going to use those hours? To be successful in certain areas of  your life, you must hold yourself accountable by understanding the time in every week.
  2. My Top 5%: Challenge you to focus on your top 5% things that you can do. Time is our only resource. We often feel obligated to do things that aren't motivating us or propelling us forward. If you're struggling to focus on your 5%, create a list of things NOT to do and focus on breaking the habit of doing those tasks.
  3. My Perfect Day: If you could live one day over and over what would that look like? In my podcast about designing your perfect day, I talk about understanding your purpose. We can often feel frustrated, but once you take each action of life and understand it's a stepping stone to your future, you won't feel bothered. Write down your perfect day and discover the moments you really couldn't live without and use that to drive you.
  4. North Star: I discuss the idea of the North Star in my book Stop Starting Over. If you're ready to make that change and find your drive, buy the book here.
  5. Create Your New Schedule: Of course I had to create a new schedule to allow me to allot my time well during the new year. Once you write down the tasks for the day, they become nonnegotiable.

My New & Improved Schedule

Every morning my alarm goes off at 4 AM and the first thing I'm doing is focusing on breathing. I'm focusing on driving oxygen into my body, on gratitude, on love and on what I'm proud of. Most of us roll over look at our cell phones or listen to the latest tragedy on the news. If you are trying to do something great, you have to change your state of mind. You have to wake up in a good state if you want to dominate your day.

After my breathing, I like to do something I call eat and learn. I will listen to a book on audible or a podcast about a new skill or tactic in entrepreneurship, leadership, or others topics to help me develop (check out my favorite books here). Instead of scrolling through my phone, I make this time beneficial.

At 5 AM, I'm getting my interval training in. Usually, my first workout is a hard run for 20-30 minutes. I like to get the blood pumping and the energy flowing so that I can feel wide-awake ready to take on the day.

Visualization is the next step. When I'm showering and getting ready to go into the office, I visualize my day, my week and my goals. Sometimes I visualize 6 months to 12 months ahead. The goal is to see my future and desires so clearly that I become emotionally connected.

On my commute to the Burn Boot Camp office I continue my education, so I'll listen to motivational podcasts or videos to get excited to be in the office. By 6:30 AM, I feel so confident and ready to attack my day because of my morning routine.

Establish Discipline

I've noticed that many people are lacking the discipline to take life to the next level. Waking up early is a great way to create a disciplinary habit. If you take the time to breathe, visualize and find joy, you will find your days to be more enjoyable.

I use the time between 6:30 AM - 8:30 AM to find solitude and brainstorm. I get out my notebook or white board and start drawing pictures, diagrams and strategies. Creating visuals of my ideas allow me to see them clearly and show others so that I can make the idea tangible.

At 8:30 AM, I'm snacking. I don't take too much time to do this, but include it in my schedule as a reminder of my health and to use food as fuel.

From 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM, I'm connecting with my team. I dive in and pour into my team as they start coming in the office. To be a great leader means being one with your team.

At 12:00 PM, I get back to what I was listening to earlier and break my notebook out. If you want to have maximum productivity, you need to make sure your days are spent wisely. The only time you can't buy is time. Make sure your time is working for you, not against you. Time should serve you.

Leave A Legacy

From 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM I block 90 minutes at a time for myself because I know based on being self-aware. Self-awareness is very important in figuring out your learning and understanding other people and the way they work. If I work on something longer than 90 minutes, it becomes circles in my head. If I work on something for less than 90 minutes, I feel like I am not getting anything done.

At 3:30 PM I have another snack because you have to stay fueled throughout the day.

To end my workday, from 3:30 PM - 5:10 PM, I'm back for the rest of the day taking calls and in meetings. Once I leave the office, I go get my real workout in. I'm usually taking a camp at our Lake Norman facility or doing some strength training.

After my workout, I have my post-workout meal and spend the rest of my night without technology with my kids. This is the time I look forward to the most. I cherish the hour and hour and a half with my kids.

Before bed, I spend the last few hours finalizing some tasks I didn't finish during the day. That's my day in a nutshell. Is it always the same? No way! When I travel, I have to tweak my schedule, but it allows me to have structure that is attainable.

I want my great great great grandchildren to look back and see that I did something to move our family forward. I don't have a schedule like this for money. For me, I do this to leave my legacy. If it's about money for you right now, reevaluate and find your purpose. Your purpose has to be bigger than just money. The bigger you goal, the bigger your dream means the more people are out there trying to knock you down. You must love what you do.

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Success At Your Fingertips: 5 Podcast Episodes to Dominate 2019

I don't believe in New Years Resolutions. Why would you wait to reach your goals when you could start right now? It's no secret that the holidays can be tricky to navigate, and many people lose sight of their goals with the approaching new year. If you're someone who can relate, it's ok. I'm here to get you back on track to success, but the power lies within YOU.

It's time for you to make the choice to start. Instead of creating several huge goals, create smaller, more realistic goals. For example, instead of saying I want to lose 20 lbs this year, track your food correctly for 2 weeks then reevaluate. By setting small goals and reaching them, you will make tremendous progress. If you're ready to take matters into your own hands, listen to these podcasts and start crushing your goals.

Simplify Your Weight Loss

Have you struggled with weight loss, fat loss or body image? If you can answer yes to any of those, then this is the podcast for you. Between the fad diets and new research, losing weight can seem impossible. But, it doesn't have to be that complex. I want to help you truly simplify weight loss so you can make progress and feel good. Click here to listen.

10 Minute Motivation: The Power of Setting Goals

Believe it or not, there is power in setting goals that are attainable. I always recommend sitting down and writing out your goals. Your goals don't have to be just to lose 5 lbs or to lose a few inches around your waist. Learn how to create goals that will boost your performance and overall quality of life. Listen to this episode to experience the power of setting goals.

Two Rules to Set You Up for Long-Term Success

It's daunting to think about your long-term impact. We've all been guilty of living too much in the short-term and not thinking about our lives or our goals long-term. I want to share with you two of my rules that are guaranteed to set you up for long-term success if you dedicate yourself to following them. Are you ready? Listen here.

How to Stop Starting Over | Harness Your Pain and Crush Your Goals

Instead of dwelling in your pain, harness it and use that power to drive you towards your goals. We have the ability to appreciate the process, and pain is part of that process. Once you start to make it a habit to turn pain into power, you'll never start over again. Click here to crush your goals.

How to Love Your Problems

Problems aren't fun, so how can you possibly love them? I'm here to tell you that once you start to see that your problems don't define you, and instead fuel you, you will stop letting them drag you down. You have to love your problems, and when you do, you'll become stronger because of it. Listen to the episode here.

Are you ready to stop starting over and finally start experiencing success? I hope you enjoy these episodes. As always, Keep Moving.



The Rise of Charlie Rocket: From 300 lbs to Nike Athlete

Charlie "Rocket" Jabaley is a former CEO of Hip-Hop/Pop management company, Street Execs. He started in Atlanta where he managed 2 Chainz and other big industry names. I had the opportunity to meet Charlie a few weeks ago on a trip to watch a Cardinals game. His story is incredible going from 300 lbs to Nike athlete, which he'll be sharing with you today.

Charlie has lost 130 lbs. and has completely changed his life. He dropped everything because his life was in an unhealthy state. He’s located in Atlanta and I’m located in Charlotte, so when he hit me up letting me know he was coming through NC, I knew I needed to get him on the podcast. Check it out. 

Chase Dreams

Devan Kline: You’re a Nike Athlete now. Tell me about that!

Charlie: Crazy. It's a crazy story about ambition. Literally chasing the most unrealistic dream ever. In Nike’s mission statement they have a saying, “If you have a body, then you’re an athlete.” That’s how I feel, but I’ve never seen it displayed in form of a commercial before. All of the athletic commercials are all these super fit, intense people. I kept thinking, “I’m nothing like those people.”

When I was a kid I wanted to be a Nike athlete. That was my dream. If I want to be a Nike athlete - and I believe in the law of attraction - then I’m going to dress up like a Nike athlete and make my own commercial. Hopefully this commercial would do two things: inspire millions of people and get the attention of Nike so that I could work with them so a common man could become an amazing athlete. That’s the person who's going to get people off the couch, not this perfect person whose slam-dunking. Sure that’s aspiration, but 99% of us aren’t like the people we see in those commercials. I wanted to fill the void and make the common man a Nike athlete.

So, I put the commercial out there. Three days later there were a million views, and my phone rang. Nike said “We don’t know who you are, but you have our campus in a frenzy. We need to meet you.” The day that the Colin Kaepernick commercial aired, the most controversial, culturally-pivoting commercial ever, I got a call. The man who made the decision to air the commercial called me and said “the commercial you made in February inspired us to go in this direction. None of this would have happened without that commercial.”

DK: So, the Colin Kaepernick commercial, which is everywhere - you’re telling me the man who pulled the trigger on that said you were responsible for that. They even put you in the commercial.

Charlie: I have this law of attraction notebook. Before I made the commercial, I would write in it all the time "Nike wants to work with me. I will be in a commercial with Lebron James." That’s what I wanted. I chased the most unrealistic dream ever. Think about it, Charlie, the most unathletic guy wants to be a commercial with Lebron James and Serena Williams. I had a one in a million shot. But, I was in a commercial. It happened just 6 months after I started chasing that dream. I visualized it over and over and over, and it happened.

The Power of Visualization

DK: What’s your philosophy behind visualization? You can visualize that over and over and it comes true. I’ve done this in my life and I know it’s a real thing, so tell me what that means to you.

Charlie: Two things. The first thing: I believe that we are all energy. When you break down an atomic particle, it’s not just mass - its energy. If everything were made of this energy then that would mean that we are all waves. That means at some point we all connect. Think of a pond. If you throw three different rocks in the pond, the rocks are separate, but the waves are connected. At some point in the middle of that pond the waves come together and collide.

I believe that we are all connected in some way. If we are all connected, can I send out a signal of what I want and it come back to me? I can tune my radio receiver to a certain signal and hear a country song. Tune to another signal and I can get a Hip-Hop song. I’m a receiver - how can I reach those other people? I tune my heart to what I want and I get it.

The second thing is this: I’m a delusional optimist and I want to prescribe that to everyone. Listen, how do I take a step in the direction of chasing my dreams if I think it was hard or impossible? I probably won’t take a step. Being a delusional optimist means I take that step knowing it will happen. I think it’s going to be easy to be a Nike athlete. I become a Nike athlete. How many dreams aren’t coming true because somebody said “That’s not realistic?” They never even took the step. But, if we are so insanely delusional optimistic then we can actually take the step and shoot the commercial.

DK: Nike caught that frequency from you because you were tuned in with what you wanted the most. You’re going to get different fans based off of what you’re tuning to. I think what most people don’t understand about a journey like yours is that they look at you now and think it’s an overnight success. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. There’s no such thing as waking up and just being famous or influential. That’s a process. That started back when you were a little. Walk us down through your life, your feelings, your emotions and tell us about this weight loss journey.

Your Journey Matters

Charlie: I grew up in Atlanta, GA. I was eight years old, and I loved sports. It was before society told me what I should be or what I should have. We have our truth and our dreams. It’s just in us when we're kids. I wanted to be an athlete, but I got to the age where I would look around and realize I wasn’t good at anything. I wasn’t physically fit, and I was overweight. My first diet was when I was eight years old as well. This is when I loved basketball and sports, but I was chubby. I buried my dream and decided I needed something to be good at. I became CEO Charlie, I thought, I’ll be a businessman. So, I put on a suit and took my briefcase to school and everyone knew me as “Most Likely to Succeed.” I was always hustling.

The problem with business is that I set up all these tracks in my life that set me up for addiction. The worst thing to be addicted to is something that provides life. I was addicted to food. I got to be over 305 lbs. and I realized CEO Charlie was stressed. Stress led to food. Success and celebration led to food. Deal making led to food. I was trapped. I sat there in my suit, and I looked up at this theatre screen of my life. My life was a terrible movie. I didn’t like the ending of my movie, so I decided that my story wasn't over yet.

I wrote down everything on a piece of paper that would lead me to my dream. And it led me back to that childhood dream. I wanted to be an athlete. I had to think, is there anything that I’m doing right now that’s leading me to my dream? Nope. I reinvented my entire life. I was in the music business and managed an artist by the name of 2 Chainz. During my ten years, I won Grammys, I went on tours, but that manifested by burying my dream very young. It took me down a road of an early death. I had to reconcile my life and go back to eight years old to correct my path. I walked away from a $15 million a year business.

DK: Hold on. You were CEO of your own management company, Street Execs and managing some of the biggest artists in the world. You had money, you had fame, you had travel, girls, the whole lifestyle and you just walked away. Why?

Charlie: It meant nothing to me. I was unhappy. There was only one thing that mattered. The one thing I was never able to master was my health. I moved to California to rid myself of a toxic environment, but I took my issues with me. Things didn't change until I decided to start getting rid of some things. I got rid of television, meat, friends and negative energy. Finally, I started seeing change in my life so I stripped my life down to just me and my dream.

I was sitting around with some old guys when I told them I wanted to do an Ironman. I want to be the top 1% of athletes in the world, and I want to do an Ironman. They said “Charlie, set some realistic goals,” and I said this is my dream. I would dress up everyday like an athlete, and I lived what I wanted to manifest. I lost 130 lbs and did an Ironman in New Zealand and am now the healthiest I’ve been in my life. But, I’m still dealing with these issues. To this day, I don’t know what it’s like to look in the mirror and like what I see. I’m on this journey right now to find my self-love.

Trade Expectation For Appreciation

DK: I’m so inspired every time I hear your story. I travel a lot and I visit all of the Burn Boot Camp locations across the country. I think you have in common what a lot of our clients have in common. They have big goals and big dreams - but there is something to be said about trading the expectations for the appreciation of the process. Process equals happiness. You’re always going to have that goal, and it’s going to be a long journey if you're not appreciating yourself. What do you think about that?

Charlie: We should be faithful over feud. Not just the big goals, but even the small things. Putting the headband on got me to go run, it got me to reach those small goals. Having a big crazy goal was easier than saying that I was going to wake up and run everyday. It weaves this web that means I have to follow through with this goal. I weave a web of accountability by telling everyone about it. There’s this quote I really like, “Being lazy is disrespectful to the people who believe in you.” If everyone knows what my goal is and believe in me, then I have to do it. I feel very inclined to sit at the different seats at the table to create a 360 approach. Love who you are, appreciate the small things - I’m learning these things for the first time in my life.

DK: I sent my book to you, there’s this concept that pain plus reflection equals progress. If you project pain into the future, you drag these bad habits out for 30 years and you start to see how you must make the change. The daily pains mean nothing compared to the long-term pain of not reaching goals.

Charlie: My friend Jessie taught me some exercises. He says “Charlie close your eyes, envision your darkest moment.” My darkest moment was looking at myself in the mirror over 300 lbs. with my shirt off. It was one of the worst days of my life. He said “Picture that guy. That’s you. You need him though because he’s the expert - then you have current you who's struggling. What’s he going to tell you?” I knew that person in the mirror would be proud of me. I reversed a brain tumor, lost 130 lbs., did an Ironman and I realize how far I’ve come. I’m going to tell my story because that’s what starts the conversation in people’s hearts. When a conversation starts in the heart, that’s when change happens. When you can reach the heart, you can get people to truly want to change.

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I hope you enjoyed this interview between Charlie and me. I want to thank Charlie for sharing his story and continuing to inspire so many people. Don't be afraid to create huge goals because you can reach them. You can lose 100+ lbs. or dedicate your life to your health. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. Check out the full interview below. 

The Power of Visualization | How To Become Successful

There is a next chapter in your life and it starts right now. It starts today. Whatever has happened to you thus far in your life journey is over, and tomorrow is brand new. The beautiful thing about life is that you get to decide your tomorrow. One habit I’ve noticed that all successful people have is some form of visualization. Where is the visualization in your life? Are you mentally projecting where you’re going to be in the future?

If you don’t know about visualization yet, grab a notepad and take some notes because this is going to be gold for you. If you do know about visualization then this is going to be reinforcement or provide new insights that you haven’t heard before.

Start Visualizing

The visualization strategy is always overlooked, but if you talk to any successful person it’s usually a vital part of their daily routine. To make it simple, visualization is about finding a space where you can mentally project what you want for yourself and your surroundings in the future. Everyday you can spend 5-15 minutes focusing on where you want to be and your goals that are 6 to 12 months away.

Envision yourself accomplishing these goals. How will you feel when you accomplish them? What will you be wearing? Where are you going to be when you accomplish them? Who will you be with? Visualization is a conscious choice to expose yourself to positive thoughts. You can visualize while you’re running, listening to a podcast, reading motivational material, lifting weights, taking a shower, sitting on the couch, looking over your backyard and more. Wherever you can find solitude, you can visualize.

Visualization is exposing your mind to positive thoughts every single day. Listening to this podcast, or a few other favorites, for an hour a day could change your life. If you do this for 6 to 12 months while minimizing negative inputs, your life can do a 180. Consistent exposure to positive things like knowledge, your dreams,  and motivation will rub off on you, I promise!

For example, Lululemon is one of my favorite brands. Lululemon knows that I know exactly where their stores are, but they are still going to show me advertisements on a daily basis because they know positive reinforcement is going to get me to buy more. They’re constantly reinforcing that they’re a favorite of mine and that I’m a valued customer. What does this mean? It means that whatever you’re exposed to, you’re more likely to take action. This works the same way in your own mind!

Discover Your Talent

The more positive messages you promote to yourself, the more likely you are to have a positive place mentally, embrace challenges and continue to grow and mold yourself into something amazing. When you’re constantly being told these things, you become them. Capitalize on yourself and make a bet on what you can accomplish. Put all your energy and focus on that one single thing that you’re most talented at and start there. The strategy is about going all in on what you’re really good at and learning everything there is to know about your talent.

You have to realize that when you are talented, it’s not enough. Pure talent is not enough. I was not always the most athletic person, but I played at one of the highest levels of professional sports because I worked really hard. I knew what I was good at instead of focusing on what I wasn’t, and I sharpened those skills everyday. Don’t think you’re different because you haven’t discovered your talent yet. Everybody has something that makes them different from someone else. You just have to discover your talent. So if you think you’re not talented, you’re not giving yourself enough credit. You need new inputs and you need to surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to reach your dreams and that they are people you aspire to be like.

Look, my daughter watches this lady named Mrs. Hands on YouTube. She paints her hands the color of the rainbow. First, she puts her hand out, paints her thumb one color, her index color one color, etc. She has 500,000,000 views on her page and probably makes around $30,000 a month from YouTube commissions alone. There are people who start business with the most outrageous niches and find a way to turn it into a business. Take your talent and find a way to turn it into something that allows you to live the quality of life you want to live. Discover that one thing that makes you excited that gets you excited and pursue it.

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

Find people who have similar talents or values to what you want to attract or you want to achieve and study them. Know how they behave, what they do and how they are the best in the world at what they do. Once you find your talent, find out how it can bring value into other people’s lives and watch how the universe pays you back. There has to be a strategy to the psychological development. How are you going to work on yourself? What are the daily rituals that you are going to incorporate to ensure personal development?

Visualization is only part of it. Who are your role models? How do they visualize? My suggestion is make a list of 5 people of who you aspire to be and learn everything about them. Emulate them and practice what they preach and see how you start to change and see your goals manifest. Put your own flavor on it and become your own success! There are more important questions than what we should do. Instead, we need to identify the areas of our life that is conflicting with our values and our goals.

What should you stop doing to get you to where you want to be? Those are the gaps you need to fill! Become self-aware and honest and fill those gaps with things that identify with where you want to be and who you want to be. It’s important during visualization and personal development time to form solid habits. Stand in front of the shower for 10 minutes and think about your goals. It may feel weird, but you have to do what successful people do to be successful. Dedicate yourself to getting better everyday by practicing visualization and personal development.

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Why Intermittent Fasting Works with Fitness Model, Jessica Harvey

Meet Jessica Harvey

Jessica Harvey is a fitness model, former miss NC and runner-up miss America 2012. She’s a certified personal trainer and entrepreneur extraordinaire of Burn Tallahassee who has practiced intermittent fasting for several years.

Devan Kline: Can you explain your background a little and what went down in 2012?

Jessica Harvey: I had never participated in pageants before, but I was a competitor my whole life being an athlete. After I was an athlete, I got married and started a family, but I kept thinking "what’s left?" When the Miss America opportunity appeared, I saw that as an opportunity to show that I’m an example of the American woman. I'm a good mom, a good wife and a strong competitor. I could be competitive and try something new by entering the pageant. After Miss America, I went to Miss World so to say that 2012 was a life changing year for me - it really was.

DK: So now being an entrepreneur and owner of Burn, what made you go into entrepreneurship?

JH: It was always a really easy fit for me. Being competitive is the ultimate trait for an entrepreneur. You get to show your strengths. A lot of people say that practice makes perfect, but really, perfect practice makes purpose. You have to show up and work for what you want. If I want it and I work for it, I can have it. There’s no other job opportunity out there that gives you that choice.

DK: Being an entrepreneur is a difficult task and 99% of businesses fail before 10 years. It’s the only game you can get into where you will fail, but it’s truly the select few that have the opportunity to be successful and make a career out of it.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

DK: Today we’re talking about intermittent fasting. Why are you an expert on intermittent fasting?

JH: I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting for years now. I've been through the highs, the lows, the good and the bad. My expertise definitely comes from my commitment to it all these years.

DK: Food is such a driving force for energy and vitality. Many people don’t understand the power of food because they haven't felt the effects of clean food on the body. I hope everyone can take away how intermittent fasting and eating clean can help you energize all areas of your life.

JH: Intermittent fasting is a schedule in a confined period of time - it’s not a diet telling you what to eat, but more of a schedule of when to eat. It’s all of your calories within your eating window. I follow the 16:8, which is 16 hours of fasting with an 8 hour eating window. There are plenty of variations. You can choose a 20 hour fasting period with a 5 hour eating window, or even a basic 12 to 12 ratio. For someone wanting to burn fat and build muscle, this is where the magic is.

DK: Can you explain the differences in time windows?

JH: The 12:12 is a basic eating window for someone who has never practiced fasting before because naturally you’re eating within the 12 hours of the day and not at night. Everybody fasts everyday whether we realize it or not. When you’re asleep, you’re not eating, which is why the first meal of the day is called breakfast - you’re breaking your fast. Intermittent fasting is just extending the fasting window for optimal metabolic response.

Why Intermittent Fasting?

DK: What happens to your body when we allow that extended fast?

JH: I’m going to explain it to you at a basic level. There are two sources of energy that your body can run on. One is glycogen, which is your fast-acting carbohydrates and the other one is fat. Normally, if you wake up and break your fast you immediately start burning glycogen - but, if you deplete the glycogen in your body by fasting, it begins to start burning fat for energy instead. Fasting creates an environment where we turn on the fat burning engine first. You start to burn excess fat until you break your fast and restore glycogen stores.

DK: The goal of intermittent fasting is to burn body fat. What kind of person should be practicing this?

JH: It really depends on your goals. When practicing a 16:8, it depends on how you decide to schedule that time. If you’re training later in your fast, it’s shown that near the end of your fast more hormones that promote muscle building are released. If you’re timing your workouts correctly, you can take advantage of the muscle building process. For those looking for weight loss, you should be in a caloric deficit, so people beginning intermittent fasting will experience weight loss. NOTE: You should be meeting your caloric needs daily even when fasting. Less than 1,200 calories a day can lead to dangerous conditions such as fatigue, muscle loss, disordered eating, etc. 

How Can I Start?

DK: Anyone can go 16 hours fasted and 8 hours fed with the right knowledge and timing. Can you give us an idea of what you do?

JH: Personally, what I do is fast until 12:30pm every day and then I stop eating before 8:30 PM. Ideally, the best time for me to workout is later in my fast around 10:30 AM so I have time between my workout to burn fat before breaking my fast. A lot of people ask me if you can eat while fasting and the answer is... NO! You cannot eat during your fast! Food will break your fast because it sparks a metabolic response. You can have black coffee without creamer or any sugar, any herbal tea, especially green tea to rev up your metabolism, and obviously water. Water is super important when you’re using fat for energy because that’s how fat mobilizes. Sparkling waters can get you through the day if you’re going through the adaptation phase, but black coffee, herbal tea or water are going to be the best.

DK: What happens when someone just starting has no energy or feels like they are too hungry to workout?

JH: That’s a challenge. When you decide to do this, it’s a mental and physical challenge, and you will feel hungry at times because your body has a clock that you are used to. Any change will create an adaptation phase. I always recommend starting on a 12:12 and slowly decreasing that eating window. You will feel suboptimal at first. If you aren’t used to it and you’re working out, you’ll have to manage your energy and monitor how you feel.

DK: When somebody is getting started and doing the 16:8, their first meal is at 12:30 PM, last meal at 8:30 PM and they’re training at 10:30 AM, how long does it take them to feel really good?

JH: For me, making the switch from eating normal to really establishing my 16:8 schedule, took about 6 weeks. I worked my way up to that schedule naturally especially by planning my workout correctly. When fasting, you’re on the edge of ketosis. Many people experience a buzz when they experience ketosis because their body starts using fat for energy. Once I started to feel that buzz around 6 weeks, I knew I had successfully adapted.

What Can I Expect In The Beginning?

DK: The reason why people start it and stop it right away is because they don’t see the results or feel that buzz right away. I like to coach people from a psychological standpoint to break those patterns. When you’re fasting, you might start to feel moody, your stomach might start screaming at you a few hours in, or you begin only thinking of food, but you can’t focus on that. It’s interesting. Have you ever been so hungry but then someone calls you and you talk for 30 minutes and realize not once you had thought about food? That's breaking the pattern!

JH: Yes! With intermittent fasting, you start to understand real hunger cues and fake hunger cues. A lot of our life is revolved around when we eat so we plan our social events around food. Intermittent fasting creates a schedule and an opportunity to experience hunger or realize boredom or thirst instead of hunger. It’s really helpful, and because of this, you start to experience higher mental clarity within your fast.

DK: To finish, talk to me about who should be doing this.

JH: I think everyone should try it. But, just like any diet or lifestyle choice, it all depends on your lifestyle or schedule. You don’t want to get through adaptation and say "this isn’t for me." There are so many benefits outside of just burning fat that make the hard times worth it for them. Additionally, intermittent fasting is convenient. We’re all on a diet, whether we’re aware of it or not, and some are more difficult than others. For me, counting macros or meal prepping with two kids and a business doesn't work. Intermittent fasting allows me to on a schedule instead of doing extra work. 

DK: During those first weeks, when you start feeling hungry or feeling like you need to eat, distract yourself. Drop down and do 10 push-ups! Go outside and walk around, but when you interrupt that pattern, it creates a positive response. This works for a bunch of habits like sugar bingeing.

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The Rocking Chair Test | How To Live Life With No Regrets

The last 4 years for me have been very long building Burn Boot Camp and Burn Media Co., and it’s made me realize that life isn't as short as people say it is. I’ve learned to take a look at life on a daily basis and how to slow it down to thoroughly enjoy the moments. It got me thinking about the next 4 years and how much time that really is.

Life Isn't Short

It’s interesting to me when people say that life’s too short, so they “live it up.” I think it’s really a cop out to not reach their full potential. Why not eat healthy and take care of your one body? You have a whole life! I take an entirely different stance on life; it makes me question the people who "live it up" because to me these last 4 years have seemed so long and we still have decades ahead of us. A lot of people underestimate what they can do in 10 years, but overestimate what they can do in one year. If you’re 50 years old, you still have at least 40 more years to thrive. You have the opportunity to take care of yourself everyday. You have the opportunity to learn, grow and unlock your full potential.

I get why people say life is short, but that’s not a  reason to treat your body or your mind like it doesn’t matter. When you’re 90 years old sitting in your rocking chair, how are you going to want to have lived your life? You have the opportunity to get better every day. Do you want to let fear get in the way of decisions that could change the trajectory of your life? You don’t want to have regrets when you’re sitting in that rocking chair. Take chances and think about what you’re great grandkids will think about you when you’re gone. What legacy do you want to have and build while you’re here? Being present on a daily basis, finding joy, having gratitude is going to be what elongates your time on earth.

Be Present

We have to step outside of our current moment and realize that life is long. If you take the time every single day to live with gratefulness and live in the moment, you realize how long life really is. Respect yourself and respect what God has given you by taking care of your mind, body and soul. When you respect yourself, you respect those around you. 

If you don't take action because you think life is short, you will have regrets when you're sitting in your rocking chair. You want to be the person sharing your life and experiences with your grandchildren, even your grandchildren. Start using the rocking chair test with your health, with your finances, and even with the way you parent and treat others.

Are you going to be fearless or fearful? There are things to be afraid of, but sometimes too much fear will limit your success.

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