3 Steps To Empowering Your Inner Voice

Your inner voice is a dynamic in our lives that’s really fascinating to me. We talk to ourselves through have internal conversations 10x’s more than anyone else in our lives combined. Think about it: everyday that voice inside your head is talking to you more than anyone else, are you paying attention to what it’s saying? The conversation between your ears is extremely important and you have to take it seriously. 

Any given person has roughly 60,000 thoughts that goes through our head everyday, and a majority of them are negative thoughts. That does not mean that you are the only person in the world with negative thoughts, so don’t beat yourself up. My mentor, Tony Robbins, says it’s THE brain vs. YOUR brain. In other words, there are the thoughts everyone shares versus the thoughts specific to you and your life. You should never pay attention to the brain’s negative thoughts because everyone else has these same thoughts. Thoughts like “I don’t know if I’m: good enough, pretty enough or smart enough,” we think are our own thoughts, but they aren’t. 

1. Find Your Inner Voice

You have to find your inner voice. You have to separate those general negative thoughts from your own thoughts and pay close attention to the positive thoughts. But, it’s important that you don’t neglect the negative thoughts. Take that thought of “I’m not good enough” and question why you are thinking that way. Chances are, somebody told you your whole life that you couldn’t start that business or that you were too fat to ever be an athlete. Ask yourself who told you that, and if it was their shortcomings being projected onto you or actually your shortcomings?

Did they place their limiting beliefs on you because they were at a bad time in their lives, therefore you grew up preconditioned to think you weren’t good enough? I’m here to tell you it’s not true. That’s how you find your inner voice and start to change those thoughts.

2. Redefine Negative Thoughts

You can redefine the meaning of those experiences and those ideas. You don’t have to be prisoner to your negative thoughts or to the negative thoughts that everyone has. Listen to the positive thoughts, own them, absorb them and make them part of your identity. But, for the negative thoughts, don’t shun them and ignore them. Deflection isn’t healthy. Instead, you have to take the negative thoughts, flip them on their head and recreate the meaning of that thought. You can turn the negative thought into a positive force that drives you.

Whether I’m the positive voice in your head, or you have your own positive voice, pay attention to that conversation in your head. What type of language are using to yourself? How are you speaking to your goals and your life? Just because you don’t say it out loud, doesn’t mean you aren’t submitting yourself to those thought patterns. It’s your chance to redefine what you’ve been believing about yourself. 

3. Practice Positivity

What is one way you can separate positive thoughts from negative thoughts? First, I want you to catch that negative thought and write it down. For example, if the thought is “I’m not beautiful” then write it down and ask yourself why you are thinking that way. Why did that thought come through? Then ask yourself, how can you feel beautiful all the time? The next thing you need to do is write “I am beautiful” 30-50 times over and over to cement that positivity into your brain. Pull the thought out of your head and put it on paper. The way you frame the question will give you a better answer. Once you write it over and over, it will allow you to believe it yourself. That’s what an affirmation is, and that’s why this strategy works.

You are already beautiful, are already worth it, and are already enough. You have what it takes. Furthermore, you are already strong and confident, but you are talking yourself out of it. You’re giving the negative thoughts power. You’re stealing the negative thoughts everyone has and making them yours. I’m telling you that you don’t need to do that. You just have to fix the conversation in between your ears.