My 4 Best Strategies To Take Control of Your Happiness

It’s not about physical fitness. It’s about the emotional fitness and the mental fitness. In this industry, many people choose just to focus on just the physical aspect, when in actuality, that’s never going to make you happy. You have to develop your happiness through your confidence and self-esteem; the battleground lives between your ears.

When it comes to taking control of your happiness, it’s important to make the necessary changes that will project you on the positive path forward. Start implementing my best advice for controlling your happiness, and start to see the change in your life.

1. Listen To Yourself Above Others

It’s not about working out, a six-pack or squats. It’s about feeling good and self-esteem. The problem with the word self-esteem is that we have let other people determine how we feel. With social media especially, we are influenced by other people’s opinions, standards and lifestyle. When you get to a point where you can manifest physical discipline, what happens is that it pours over into all other types of discipline such as entrepreneurship, family, fitness, mental health and so much more.

We have to stop letting people and who they think we are control us. The belief that we have ourselves is a thousand times stronger than the belief that we belong to someone else. The people who try to inflict their views upon you are dealing with their own lack of self-esteem. Create a forcefield around yourself and begin to feel happy about where you are today.

2. Stop Saying “If I do [this one thing] then I’ll be happy”

I hate when people say “If I do this one thing then I’ll be happy,” or “If I have this then I’ll be happy.” What are you waiting for? We have to be happy today. Want to hear the truth? We’re all going to die, so really, what are you waiting for? The billionaires, the Steve Jobs, whoever your idol is – at the end of the day, they’re going to be right next to you.

Leaders create leaders. When you share this message with even just two other people, you start to change the environment around you and the world. You have two choices: to be a leader or a follower. Which one will you be?

3. Combat the Negativity Around You

There is so much negativity around us. The physical element of fitness and dedicating yourself to your health creates discipline. You start to change and inspire people around you because you refuse to give into the negative world. Be strong, because you never know who you are inspiring. The most incredible feeling in the world is when someone comes up and says “you inspire me.”

When you start to share the message of positivity, kindness and  humility, your life will start to change very fast. If there is any element of unhappiness in your life, it’s stemming from a lack of connection, which always leads to a feeling of loss of love. You have the control to take control. There is no one else to point the finger at in your life than you. So, love yourself and take control.

4. Visualize, Visualize, and Visualize More

Ask yourself this question and visualize the answer, if I had to live one day of my life with no consequences and no limitations, what would that day look like? Who would you spend that day with? What would you do for work? Where would you live? What would you wear? How would you look and feel?

Once you answer that question, commit to living everyday a little closer to that vision. When you set a goal that sets you on fire, you don’t get distracted with the little frustrations anymore and begin to encompass absolute positivity.

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