Success At Your Fingertips: 5 Podcast Episodes to Dominate 2019

I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions. Why would you wait to reach your goals when you could start right now? It’s no secret that the holidays can be tricky to navigate, and many people lose sight of their goals with the approaching new year. If you’re someone who can relate, it’s ok. I’m here to get you back on track to success, but the power lies within YOU.

It’s time for you to make the choice to start. Instead of creating several huge goals, create smaller, more realistic goals. For example, instead of saying I want to lose 20 lbs this year, track your food correctly for 2 weeks then reevaluate. By setting small goals and reaching them, you will make tremendous progress. If you’re ready to take matters into your own hands, listen to these podcasts and start crushing your goals.

Simplify Your Weight Loss

Have you struggled with weight loss, fat loss or body image? If you can answer yes to any of those, then this is the podcast for you. Between the fad diets and new research, losing weight can seem impossible. But, it doesn’t have to be that complex. I want to help you truly simplify weight loss so you can make progress and feel good. Click here to listen.

10 Minute Motivation: The Power of Setting Goals

Believe it or not, there is power in setting goals that are attainable. I always recommend sitting down and writing out your goals. Your goals don’t have to be just to lose 5 lbs or to lose a few inches around your waist. Learn how to create goals that will boost your performance and overall quality of life. Listen to this episode to experience the power of setting goals.

Two Rules to Set You Up for Long-Term Success

It’s daunting to think about your long-term impact. We’ve all been guilty of living too much in the short-term and not thinking about our lives or our goals long-term. I want to share with you two of my rules that are guaranteed to set you up for long-term success if you dedicate yourself to following them. Are you ready? Listen here.

How to Stop Starting Over | Harness Your Pain and Crush Your Goals

Instead of dwelling in your pain, harness it and use that power to drive you towards your goals. We have the ability to appreciate the process, and pain is part of that process. Once you start to make it a habit to turn pain into power, you’ll never start over again. Click here to crush your goals.

How to Love Your Problems

Problems aren’t fun, so how can you possibly love them? I’m here to tell you that once you start to see that your problems don’t define you, and instead fuel you, you will stop letting them drag you down. You have to love your problems, and when you do, you’ll become stronger because of it. Listen to the episode here.

Are you ready to stop starting over and finally start experiencing success? I hope you enjoy these episodes. As always, Keep Moving.