Your Body Before Your Business | Reach Your Full Potential

Health as a business owner is super important. I know because I’ve gone through different stages of being 7% body fat and ripped and periods where I’m eating what I want and being lethargic and lazy. From a productivity standpoint, when you’re constantly exercising, doing rigorous work and eating appropriately, as in watching what you’re putting in your body from a caloric standpoint, you reach your fullest potential.

Input = Output

When you’re eating crap or listening to crap, you start to feel like crap. Sometimes as business owners we neglect our health and our bodies and stop making our health a priority. Take a look at it like this: if you aren’t as successful, how can you become more productive? How do you increase energy and the physiology of your body? You do that through the biochemical reactions in the food you are eating and the biochemical reactions created with the movement of your body.

You have to do the right things to literally pull that energy from within your body. If you need maximum productivity, you need maximum energy. For maximum energy you have to take care of your body, which means surrounding yourself with the right people, eating well and exercising hard. The best part is that all these things are in your control.

People ask me why I have so much energy all the time. I naturally have a lot of energy because I’m eating well and exercising. Instead of spending time watching Netflix, I listen to the people who inspire me like Tony Robbins or Will Smith. I get a lot of motivation, inspiration and ideas by listening to these people. Not only am I my physiology, but I’m igniting my mentality as well. I’m maximizing my outputs! What comes in, comes out.

You Own Your Time

Along with productivity, we can control time. Taking 30 minutes a day to work your butt off in the gym first thing in the morning and taking the time to be conscious of what you’re eating throughout the day is going to help you reach goals within your business. Ultimately, you control how much energy you have by controlling your time.

When people ask me why I have so much energy, I turn the question on them and ask them why they don’t have energy? What’s stopping you from feeling energized and reaching maximum potential? It’s not normal to feel lethargic, and it’s not normal to have sore throats or colds all the time. More importantly, I don’t create an environment to promote those things. I work towards alkalinity in everything I do. Our bodies are in a constant fight for alkalinity vs. acidity. You want to make sure you’re doing everything you can control to create a healthy, productive environment for yourself.

If you’re trying to reach goals within your business, you have to exercise. I’m not asking you to come to Burn Boot Camp if you like rigorous, gritty workouts – I’m asking you to go do SOMETHING. Go to the gym, spend 30 minutes running and then answer emails after and see how much more productive you are afterwards.

I’ll never lose that creative ability because it’s a product of the energy which is a product of exercising and eating well. In addition to taking care of your physiology, listen to the people that inspire you. I listen to Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk and I am so grateful that every single day I can listen to these guys and create my ideas based on what I’ve learned from them. Find someone who gets you motivated in the morning and in the mood to crush your day!

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