Why “Keep Moving” Is My Mantra

We all go through similar struggles with how life is changing. With technology, our jobs, our children growing up, it’s crazy how fast life goes. Getting away and finding solitude on a consistent basis is important for your mental and overall health. 

Meditation Made Easy

You don’t need to climb a giant mountain to meditate, you can meditate anywhere. Traditionally, people think of meditation as spending hours in isolation chanting, but it’s become a popular topic and health professionals have began to express the importance of meditation daily. Meditation now is stopping the normal thought pattern to create peace and motivation.

We are not all perfect. Striving for perfection is the ultimate failure. We’re not going to do all the right things on a daily basis. We know we need to do all these things that help our lives, but how consistently can we really do that? It’s about appreciating the fact that perfection is actually unattainable.

Look at your mind like a bucket of water. If you add dirt and shake it up, the dirt is going to make the water murky. If you take time to let the bucket sit, then all the dirt will end up at the bottom and the water will be clear again. That’s really what meditation does to help minimal thoughts go to your head.

Appreciate Life

Take time to appreciate the world around you while everything moves so fast paced. If you do this the right way and find solitude, and you will really find that it clears you mentally. At the end of the day you have to be able to clear your head. You can’t get caught up in the things that don’t truly matter.

I have a very one track mind and at the time my only goal in life was to make the big leagues. After I got released from the Giants, I sat in my hotel room for an hour and a half in complete solitude, thinking to myself: “What comes next for me?” The only thing I could think about was to keep moving. The only way to overcome being released was to do continue to move forward. 

During my time as a baseball player, I had the opportunity to stay with host families. I realized those host families weren’t experiencing the same normal American problems as me; instead of regular abuse, they were facing health issues. It was different because the leaders of the households were the moms.

Generally speaking, across the country, many families felt lethargy and unhappiness. With my personality it was great to see myself have an impact on their lives through creating Burn Boot Camp and training. It had such a great satisfaction for me once I had time to let my dirty bucket separate. I knew I wanted to do this, but I had no clue how. You don’t need to understand all the strategies if you have a big enough purpose as to why you want to do something.

My mantra has always been to ‘Keep Moving’. Those two words allowed me to get where I am today. It’s always done me well to spend time in solitude. So now, as I sit on this mountain, all I can think about is to keep moving.

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