What Is A ‘Mono-Meal’ & Why Should You Try It?

What Is A Mono-Meal?

Eating when you travel is always difficult. When I’m on the road I like to think of myself as a hunter and gatherer. Hundreds of years go, our ancestors would come across fields and eat whatever fruit, nut, vegetable or meat they saw. I like to use what I call “mono-meal” eating when I’m traveling. It’s simply eating one type of food as your meal. For example, I might choose to grapes for my lunch or only eggs for dinner. For those of you who travel or have a tough time with nutrition, mono-meals are a strategy you can use to change things up.

Ease Digestion

When we combine different foods it becomes fairly hard for our body to digest. It’s hard to sort out all the different enzymes and things that it takes to break food down. The four main enzymes are needed for carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids (fat digesting). These all break down in different ways and cause heartburn, lethargy, or other digestive problems.

I recommend these mono-meals because it helps you stay away from the sugary things we are all “addicted” to. Most of these meals would preferably be fruit, but, again, it is just one type of food eaten in one sitting.

Make Traveling Easy

Mono-meals are actually extremely easy while traveling. In airports there are always organic food stands so you will be able to find some sort of fruit to achieve this. There are benefits to eating only one fruit as a meal. It’s simple and a lot easier to plan out. This helps the complexity of digestion and allows the enzymes to break food down faster. Some people stay away from fruit because of the bad rep it gets with being high in sugar or carbohydrates, but fruit is not the enemy. The enemy is combining the fruit with all the other foods you eat.

This really works for me on the road and at home. Even when I’m craving unhealthy snacks, it helps me stay on track. You don’t have to worry about reading ingredient labels or making random trips to the grocery store. Through this style of eating you can go easy on your digestive system. Fruits digest without using a lot of energy, so now your body can use that energy for other things like repairing muscle tissues. When you go to the gym and work hard by pushing yourself to your muscle’s limit, it helps you grow your muscles. The energy from a mono-meal will help you repair to your best ability for your next workout! Fruits are a good kind of mono-meal because they provide natural sugars while also being healthy and raw. Raw foods in your diet increase your metabolism. Fruits help balance your body’s systems even when the environment around you is toxic.

Keep Your Mono-Meal Clean

Living, clean foods are the cure-all. You can retrain your tastebuds to eat these mono-meals and fruits. Now, you can feel energized instead of lazy, tired, and bloated. Eventually you will be turning away from the foods that are fatty and processed and staying with the healthy mono-meals. By eating in this style you can eat until you’re genuinely full.

Calorie counting can also be a wake-up call for you to see how much junk and how many calories you’re putting in your body. Practicing calorie counting can help you learn your foods and how much it takes for you to get full. Overall, you’ll consume less calories because raw foods are lower in calories in comparison to fried, processed foods. If you’re eating starches and trans fats on a regular basis, you’re going to be unhealthy.

Focus On Health

There’s a misconception in our society that external appearances give an internal look. Just because you look healthy on the outside doesn’t mean your internal body is healthy. Mono-meals have improved my relationships with food and improved my outcomes of my goals. They can be eaten for a day or for a few days, and even up to weeks in a row. If a strategy works for you for a long time then do it. If it works for you and you’re feeling satiated then continue long term. The only con to sticking with mono-meals is that you need to switch up what you’re eating because one food doesn’t meet all of the needs of our long term health. When you switch up your foods and mono-meals, you begin to get all the vitamins and nutrients in the health matrix. There’s not any negative symptoms except headaches and dizziness, but that’s just because your body is detoxifying.

Preparing these meals are easy and there’s plenty of ways to do it. When I do this consistently, especially on the road, I don’t crave junk food. This helps you feel in control of what you’re eating. First and foremost, you have to believe this is going to work. If you take lousy effort, you’re going to get lousy results. Mono-meals are great if you might have an issue with sugar intake or if you’re traveling. Our bodies react differently to different strategies, so if don’t continue with it if it doesn’t work – but it doesn’t hurt to try! 

The long term vitality of our lives depends on the inputs of our body every day. Eating healthy or even listening to motivation helps you stay in control of your body. My goal is to constantly deliver you new and innovative strategies to help reach your goals. 

If you have tried mono-meals, send me a message on how it helped you!

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