It’s Never Too Late to Reclaim Your Time

Make Your Goals A Priority

I have a hunch that you’ve heard someone utter this phrase before. This is by far the most common objection I hear. Rather than saying, “I don’t have enough energy,” it’s easier to place the blame on having a busy life.

It’s always that you haven’t made yourself a priority – yet. We live with the idea that we serve time rather than it serving us. “There’s only so many hours in the day” is a poor excuse—it all comes down to how you prioritize your time. We all have the same opportunity with the same twenty-four hours. In actuality, you’ve got the opportunity to achieve everything you desire and more. Allow yourself to manage your hours and prioritize your goals every single day.

Ask Better Questions and Get Better Answers

“How do I work out when I don’t have the time?” is a poor question. You’re assuming that time controls your life. Ask yourself a better question, like, “When can I make the time to work out?” This question assumes that you have the time; you simply have to leverage it appropriately. I never ask myself, “Why aren’t there more hours in the day?” but rather “How much can I accomplish in every hour of every day?”

“The least selfish thing you can do is take care of yourself first!”

Believing you don’t have enough time is another way of saying that your goal isn’t important enough for you. Simply put, it’s not your priority. Do you realize that everything you want to manifest in your life starts and stops with the strength of your psychology? When you are your number one priority, you’ll make the effort to be healthy and happy by default. Get up thirty minutes earlier or go to bed later. Trade your ninety minutes of Facebook or your binge on Netflix for productive activities that create a maximized quality of life. If your goals are important, make them a priority.

Keep Moving!

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