Efficiently Set Goals… Then Absolutely Crush Them

What are your top three goals for the year? The goals that, if accomplished, would make this the best year of your life. What motivates you and gives you a purpose in your life?

Every step of the way you’re either going toward the direction of success or failure. Being mediocre is easy because being successful requires hard work. To be successful, you have to be different. You have to believe that you weren’t made to fit in, but instead made to create something.

Earning Success

No one else wants you to be successful. Everyone out there is constantly trying to knock you down or beat you. Even your family and friends can hold you back sometimes. Just because they love you doesn’t mean you have to listen to them. You can’t get caught up in their worries and fears for your own sake. If you feel and know what you’re doing is changing the world then no one can stop you.

Success is something you have to earn. The person you become deserves the success. Who you become in the process is what matters. When you wake up with the commitment to get better every day, everything around you improves. You have to realize that once you have the energy to change the world, then you are unstoppable.

Your imagination is the only limitation that you have on who you are and what you can accomplish. There aren’t any limits. The universe is so expansive that the limits are unknown. You can have certainty about what you do everyday to take steps in the right direction.

Paint Your World

The world is your canvas and you are the artist, but you have to learn how to use it. You must improve and learn how to paint it. Successful people take what they want – they don’t wait for others to give it to them. Your canvas is right in front of you and it’s up to you to go all in without taking shortcuts. 

Going after your dreams with full force is not easy. But, when you welcome the challenges of life, you will find the very best version of yourself. The path you take will build your character, and you will learn a lot about yourself along the way. It all starts with taking the steps in the right direction towards your goal.

Go After Your Goals

You have to go after your goals and attack them. We have one life to live and a mind, body, and soul to take care of. Sitting back instead of taking action on the decisions that could shape your destiny is absolutely crazy. What’s the worst that could happen when you move towards your goals? There’s no self destructive decision. In business, that’s just one element of your life.

Everyday decisions aren’t life or death situations. You’re allowed to make failures and use that as an opportunity to learn from those mistakes. One success is worth all of the failures you have experienced. The failures teach you about yourself and how to grow. Anyone taking the initiative will always be ridiculed by those who aren’t motivated to pursue their goals. It take courage to be successful, and it’s a lot easier to be lazy and unmotivated. You have the power to decide that you will never settle for the middle of the road again. When you make the commitment to give good inputs for your body, mind and soul, you will recieve good outputs. You can make your own decisions and do what you want to do.

Change the World

I want you to look at your top three goals and set out to change the world. Be purpose driven and make other people’s lives better. You can be the very best version of yourself and still give back to the world. Everything from yourself to your finances to your business or family – it starts and stops with you. Be passionate and fired up about waking up every single day knowing that you’re one day closer to crushing your goals. 

So, you have to make a decision. Which direction are you going to go? Life and success are a series of individual decisions that are made moment by moment. You have to live, define, and shape your destiny because every little detail matters. The big picture is crucial, so keep moving.

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