Change Your Thinking | I Can’t vs. I Haven’t Yet

On daily basis we talk to ourselves more than any other person. The way we talk to ourselves is going to determine how we feel about our life and about situations that we encounter. The internal language patterns can affect how you perceive yourself and your standards. I want you to become acutely aware of how you’re speaking to yourself each day.

Transformative Language Patterns

These patterns are called transformational language patterns. The way you speak to yourself or about yourself in a conversation determines your outcomes. If you speak negatively about yourself or your dreams, you will have a difficult time achieving what you want.

Take one of my clients  for example. She could not do a single double under for five years, and she had been a member of Burn Boot Camp since the days in the parking lot. She looked at me and said “Devan, I can’t do a double under” so I responded, “You can’t or you haven’t yet?”

That’s the difference. The difference between “I can’t” vs “I haven’t yet.” When you say “I can’t” you are presuming that you are not physically capable of doing that thing you wish to do. On the conscious level, you start to come up with excuses and reasons as to why you “can’t” do it. If you change your thinking to “I haven’t yet” then you start to presume that you do have the ability to complete that action.

Dealing with Negative Thoughts

The way you talk to yourself is a huge influence on the outcome for who you are and what you can accomplish. Practicing self-awareness will allow you to filter the thoughts that enter your mind. Negative thoughts are a product of THE brain, not YOUR brain. You have thoughts specific to you and thoughts that are general for everyone. Doubts are normal no matter who you are, but how you choose to respond to those thoughts determine your outcome.

What are your specific thoughts? Have the self-awareness that allows your language patterns to change from “I can’t” to “I haven’t yet.” Remove “I can’t” out of your vocabulary because you can!

On that day that my client told me that she couldn’t do a double under even after five years, our conversation went something like this:

“Well, that’s amazing that you’ve tried all these years and still can’t.” She looked at me funny and I knew I had disrupted her thinking pattern.

She questioned, “What do you mean that’s amazing?”

“How would you feel if I told you that you were capable? Are you willing to try a few strategies with me?”

“Of course I’m willing to try!”

Within twenty minutes, we worked on her double unders and she did THREE consecutive reps! All it took was changing the language. She started to believe she could, and she did! With that, I encourage you to adjust the way you speak to yourself and witness your full potential. 

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