My Message to All Fitpreneurs | What’s My Legacy?

A few nights ago, I was laying in bed checking my various social media pages. Within an hour I had received 12 DM’s from trainers and other fitpreneurs from all over the country asking me how I built a legacy going from no locations to over 300 locations across the US in just 3 years. I sat there and thought about the fact that we are in the greatest era of human history. Technology has changed the game for entrepreneurs globally; we can influence everybody in the entire world with a click of a button.  

Twenty-five years ago, there was no such thing as the Internet. Nowadays, we can take all of our thoughts, all of our opinions, and all of our principles and influence others – instantly. We aren’t looking at anchorman and other people on TV as influencers anymore. We’re looking at young people who have completely changed what it means to be an influencer. They become celebrities and are sometimes more famous than actors and actresses through their own content creation.

Building My Legacy

Shortly after starting my initial training business in Naples, Florida, Morgan, my wife, was promoted within her company to Charlotte, North Carolina. I left behind my training business in Naples and started over in Charlotte. I didn’t know anyone and definitely didn’t have any resources. But when I felt discouraged, I remembered when I heard Tony Robbins say, “When you have no resources, get resourceful.”

I wrote a blog post titled, “Charlotte’s Number 1 Personal Trainer.” It was poorly written with plenty of grammatical errors, but I took advantage of showing Charlotte who I believed I was, which eventually earned me some attention. I followed it up with “25 Tips for Busy Moms,” and started pitching those two blog posts to every media outlet around. After eight months of doing that, I finally got a call and had the opportunity to go on for my first TV segment.

The first Thursday and Friday of my camps, not a single person showed up. Of course I felt dispirited. I could either go home and call it quits, or I could figure out the root cause of why no one showed up and address that. It took the framework developed from that day to get where I am right now. I realized I needed to figure out how to get people in my doors through marketing. I became more than a fitness company; I became a media company who offered value through encouraging women to live healthy lifestyles.

Let’s Talk Success

There’s no such thing as becoming an overnight success. Nobody sees those 15 hour days you spent working to get to this point today. I’m here to tell you that if you think that you’re going to get rich quick, you’re already losing the game. The game is only winnable if you see that legacy is the most important thing.

Success is 90% psychology and 10% mechanics. The strategies on how to win long term are so obsolete compared to the psychology it takes. When you have the ‘you vs. you’ mentality, everything starts and stops with you. Self-awareness is the number one factor in whether you’re successful or not.

Morgan and I love our clients, not our brand. We love the people we get to impact every day. One mistake that business owners make is that they think their product is the all-time greatest. Business doesn’t have a specific metric that makes any business the greatest. Marketers who have the mindset that their product is a service will dominate their industry.

There was a time on my Instagram page where I kept my head down; I wasn’t excited. One day I woke up and realized I needed to change the way I saw Instagram. I had an opportunity to do something different and reach new people. I started posting relevant content that adds value and actually motivates people.

Add Value

I’m adding value and I feel really good about the content I’m putting out. I’m creating an environment where women build each other up and celebrate each other. The content on my social media shows that and influences that. We have a megaphone to the world right now.

“What are you passionate about? Take a stance! I stand for leadership. I stand for entrepreneurship. I stand for making something coming from nothing. It’s absolutely imperative to practice what you preach. The leadership mentality is to prove that you’ll run your head through the wall’ before anyone else has to. It’s being authentic.”

Social media at a large scale right now needs a change. Social media amplifies who you are, so if you’re a joyous, grateful person then social media magnifies those qualities. But, if you’re a negative and draining person, then social media magnifies those qualities. Use social media for good and give more than others expect to get from you, and in return you will get more.

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