Medical Model Rant | Save Your Life With Functional Medicine

The traditional medicine model has been killing me lately. I’ve had clients reach out to me, whether it be through social media or face-to-face, asking me questions and telling me that their doctors prescribed them various medications to fix one problem.

Hopefully through this post you can understand the differences between the traditional medicine model and the functional medicine model. The functional medicine model’s main drug is food. All 80 bioavailable vitamins and minerals that create the internal ecosystem of health can prevent or treat almost every disease and the biggest driver of these diseases is gut inflammation caused by toxic, sugary, processed foods.

The solution is to detox, to eat reparative foods, eat alkaline and anti inflammatory foods and to rid yourself of toxicity in your body, you have to remove the toxic, acidic foods.

The inputs of your nutrition are going to equal the outputs of your body. We have to remove toxicity and create alkalinity in the body through food. Your brain power, your energy levels, your vitality and so much more are all fixed by eating healthy, clean foods that nourish you.

What About You?

As a society, we are the frog in the boiling water, slowly but surely killing ourselves. The average American drinks 140 gallons of soda a year. That’s insane. We don’t want to live our lives constantly in and out of the doctor’s office. We want to create health within our body through food.

My partners at Shaklee coined a term, “the globesity crisis,” which means global obesity crisis. Alongside CEO of Shaklee, Roger Barnett and President, Heather Chastain, we are spearheading the mission to end “globesity” by getting the Shaklee supplements in every single person’s body. I’m passionate about this because I know that health professionals can disrupt this dysfunctional medicine model.

Functional medicine is not waiting until you get sick enough and taking a pill. It’s diagnosing a root cause at a root level. It’s about figuring out how you are going to eat better and exercise regularly. If you Google “how to live longer,” you’re going to see thousands of results. It’s not hard! You just have to start.

What if you never had to order prescription medicine again? What if you never had to go to the doctor again? It’s about the longevity and creating and designing a life around health.

We’re supposed to be the best country in the world, but 54th in life expectancy? 24% of our GDP spent on healthcare? Obesity, diabetes and other disease at an all time high? We are failing and it’s time to change.

We can collectively start to create little dents in this globesity crisis by teaching people the difference in the traditional medicine model versus the functional medicine model.

Right now, America is the best in acute health care. If you break your arm, you can be in and out of surgery in four hours and rehabbing in less than twenty-four. Where we are failing is when it comes to chronic disease. We are so good at acute health care, and we’re trying to apply that model to disease, but that just doesn’t work.

The Fix

If you’re feeling like crap, or feeling just fine on a daily basis, I encourage you to try using food as medicine. My clients who take this advice are losing weight, eating 2500 calories, gaining muscle and thriving! The level of happiness is amazing. You don’t have to wait for things to get “worse” — you can do this now!

When people say “life is short, I’m going to eat what I want,” they don’t understand the power of food. Do you realize how many decades you have left? You can be 50 and have five decades left. But, if you don’t take care of your body, then you have two decades left. Life is not short, life is long.

We have to get rid of the bad stuff and put the good stuff in. Eat real food, don’t eat too much, and eat mostly plants.

Scientifically, vigorous exercise three times a week or more is clinically proven to work better than antidepressants. If you want to get out of that dark place, vigorous exercise is going to release endorphins and dopamine to boost motivation and happiness.

You can use functional medicine to help your health right now. There’s no other avenue outside of functional medicine that can cure and prevent the majority of disease out there. It all starts and stops with food.

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